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Your job is your livelihood, and you have the right to receive fair treatment and fair pay from your employer.



  • Failing to compensate workers for overtime
  • Employment discrimination
  • Insufficient severance
  • Wrongful termination
  • Mistakes with FMLA
  • Other industry-specific abuses and suspect business practices

Call now at (212) 402-1340 for a FREE consultation and case review.

The Law Office of Christopher Q. Davis is a nationally recognized New York employment law firm

If you are not being paid the current overtime or if your pay is being improperly withheld, you need to take legal action to hold your employer accountable. 

Every workplace problem requires advice and action. Sometimes confidential negotiation and settlement is the appropriate course. However, if litigation is required to find your workplace solution, our attorneys are trained to take action on your behalf — and to win.

Recovering unpaid overtime wages, unpaid bonuses, emotional distress damages, and punitive damages on behalf of our employee clients who have been treated unfairly affords them some measure of financial relief during hard times, while sending an important message to their employers.

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The federal Fair Labor Standards Act and various state statutes safeguard the rights of all employees. 

Our attorneys are trained to win. But your "win" may not be same as the next client, so our attorneys are trained to first listen to our clients and define success together.

We pride ourselves on backing our clients with a sense of loyalty and purpose, and our successes are the result of the strong relationships we build with them. Tell us your workplace problems and we will find your win.

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